X Reference Series

Based in Bath since 1995, Quadraspire design and manufacture contemporary, modular hifi and AV furniture with an emphasis on acoustic performance, style and functionality. The range of furniture includes hifi racks, AV racks, TV stands and storage solutions for LP's and CD's. materials include glass, wood and aluminium. Quadraspire stands are intelligently designed, offering not only a beautiful and stylishly presented stage for your hifi equipment to perform upon, but the intuitive level of engineering that QS utilise in the stand's construction allows for a better sonic performance out of your components.

The X Reference series from Quadraspire is the company's most sophisticated hifi stand design and sits as the flagship model within their premium catalogue. The X REF combines the shelf technology of the SVT series and sees the integration of a secondary racking system built within the stand itself, allowing for a decoupled and subsequently low resonant hifi display solution. 

The X frame design of the stand supports an SVT shelf via solid bronze feet, resting in place on small bronze spike locators which allow not only for a rigid and sturdy profile but also an effective method of combating mechanical noise and resonance from interfering between hifi components. Each shelf of the X Reference is coated in Nextel to further enhance the anti resonant capabilities of the stand. 

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