Momentum Range

Sennheiser design and construct some of the most highly regarded headphone models on the market today, and are commonly thought of as 'THE' headphone manufacturer for casual listening, studio monitoring, and for critical, audiophile reference. Sennheiser offer a vast range of models with a familiar design concept; to offer the best possible sound quality and build quality at all price points.

Sennheiser saw great success with the original over-ear Momentum moddle, which sat as the entry level Club Orpheus model, offering a compelling audiophile sound at an accessible price point. Building upon the success of the original Momentum, on-ear, in-ear and wireless alternatives have been engineered and designed by Sennheiser, borrwing technology frmo the original. 

Every essence of the Momentum series boils down to one thing; detail. This is present both in its superlative sound response, with their wide sound stage and pin-point clarity, and in their aesthetic. Every stitch and seam is accurately placed, with only premium materials used. 

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