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XR Series

Cyrus Audio, the British manufacturer known for designing and manufacturing premium Hi-Fi amplifiers, DACs and CD players, is proud to introduce their new XR series. The XR series is positioned towards discerning audio enthusiasts and, at its launch it will include six brand new products, including two integrated amplifiers with DACs (the i7-XR and i9-XR), a preamp (Pre-XR), two CD players (the CDt-XR transport and the integrated CDi-XR) and an external power supply (the PSU-XR). Building upon more than a decade of cumulative research and development, the XR series catapults Cyrus products into a whole new level of sophistication and performance. 


Cyrus has nearly four decades of experience crafting award-winning products, designed and assembled entirely in-house at Cyrus in the UK. From the start, Cyrus’s mission has been to infuse the latest in technology with superb engineering to create ‘emotional’ musical experiences.


Whilst Cyrus pursues a continual improvement philosophy for all its products, many of its deeper engineering advances can only be applied in a ‘ground-up’ design.


A fundamental step change in design approach for XR series has been possible due to an accumulated understanding of DAC technologies and power supply designs, combined with Cyrus’s recently updated manufacturing processes and the availability of higher-grade components.


XR series, whilst faithful to the Cyrus core acoustic philosophy, provides remarkable sound quality benefits and substantially increased dynamic range, allowing every layer and nuance of the music to shine through. Indeed, the clarity and detail of the XR series will keep the listener wanting to go back and listen to tracks heard a thousand times before.

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