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Hifi Separates

Purchasing a series of hifi separates will always bring you closer to your favourite songs and artists and will offer a sound that's far truer to the original performance than all-in-one systems will be capable of achieving. Hifi Separates by definition includes a number of components that when combined make up a true high fidelity music system. These components include hifi amplifiers, CD players, tuners/DAB tuners, network streamers (such as Sonos zone players), stereo receivers, and digital-to-analogue converters. Of course, for these components to talk effectively to each other, dedicated interconnects, loudspeaker cables and furniture are necessary to the system. 

The sound performance of these hi-fi separates will almost always be superior to a 'one box system' such as a mini system at a similar price, where all functions are housed in one enclosure. The reasons are that in a mini system, all components are sharing the same power supply, and noise created in one section then pollutes another section, which inevitably degrades the overall sound quality. Hifi separates also enable you to gradually upgrade your audio system piece by piece, without having to start all over again, which is a more affordable way to get more enjoyment from your music listening.

Our hi-fi separates start at prices below £100 per unit, and rise to many thousands of pounds per unit, and sound performance improves as you go up the range.

We are often asked what proportion of the overall system budget to spend on each item. Loudspeakers invariably make the biggest overall contribution to the sound of an audio system, so you would be unwise to save money on this item, however, system balance is important too - don't waste excessive expenditure on say, fancy audio cables when you only have a budget CD player and amplifier, as you will not hear the benefit. If you have a budget of say £700, our advice would be to spend 30% on the speakers, 20% on the CD player, 25% on the amplifier and 25% on cables and stands/ rack.