Cables are the all important veins and artteries that give your system life, and allow it to sound its best. Cables are often overlooked as being a lesser element of your system, but choosing the right interonnects and loudspeaker wires can be as crucial as choosing the right speakers or amplifier. It's through these wires that every signal is transferred to each component, so picking lesser quality cable will can result in RF interference, signal degradation and distortion added to the final sound. Different cable manufacturers have different philosophies and design methods on how to reduce these unwanted effects, and retain the integrity of the signal as best as possible.

Analogue audio cables are used to pass-on analogue signals through components. These include RCA Phono, balanced XLR and DIN terminations between CD players, network streamers, etc and the dedicated amplifier or audio receiver. There are a large number of analogue cables available for demonstration at HifiGear.

We are able to demonstrate a large number of digital audio cables too, from various brands and either type of connection (coaxial or digital) is available. 

We are also able to demonstrate and audition the different forms of loudspeaker cable, from brands like QED, Audioquest and The Chord Company

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