HiFi Separates/Systems

HiFiGear's showroom is located in King Street, Hereford and is home to a vast multitude of award winning and critically acclaimed amplifiers, DACs, CD players, network players and more.

For the best possible results, it's always best to go in to separates. While there are a number of outstanding all-in-one solutions out there, having separate boxes for each component you need allows each element to work independently to the purpose it was designed to do. This means that your amplifier is designed to do that one job, and do that one job to the best possible standard, as opposed to micro-systems, where convenience is favoured over performance. This is because mini systems and all-in-one boxes have to share a power supply and an enclosure, which means that any potential noise or distortion formed in one section will then pollute another section, degrading the overall sound quality of the unit. 

Going down the separates route means that you are able to gradually upgrade your hifi components as and when you see fit, without needing to completely start over. This makes for a more affordable way to get the most out of your favourite music tracks, while also ensuring that the best possible quality is achieved. We stock a huge number of hifi separates with amplifiers, DACs, CD players and more, starting from below £100, all the way up to thousands of pounds per unit. As you would expect, the efficiency and performance of these units begins to increase as the price tag does. Due to the competitiveness of the hifi industry, the performance and convenience of most products are reviewed at a price category, and therefore an overly expensive unit that doesn't have the performance to match is essentially never added to the HifiGear shelves, and you can rest assured that all of the manufacturers we deal with are renowned for squeezing the best possible materials, construction and sound quality into the best value-for-money box as, at entry level, intermediate and high-end sections of the market

With two demonstration rooms available, customers are welcomed by the friendly HifiGear staff into a comfortable environment. It's within this comfortable environment that customers are able to audition and compare between different hifi components in order to find the best possible option for their requirements and budget. The HifiGear staff are both friendly and knowledgeable and are there to help along with this process.

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