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In order to form an immersive and memorable movie viewing experience at home, you're going to need to rely on an external set of components, and not the very basic loudspeakers your television will most likely possess. As TVs have become thinner and thinner, unfortunately, so has the sound element of these sets. Picking the right television for picture quality is essential, but when it comes to sound - it's better to go with a set of stereo speakers, a full surround sound package, or a dedicated soundbar/sound-base

We have a large number of soundbars and sound-bases on display here at HifiGear, as well as a number of different surround sound packages and AV receivers to suit every budget. If you're interested in experiencing a full surround sound set-up, or wish to to see exactly how much of an improvement a soundbar makes; give us a call on 01432 354921 and book a demonstration at a time convenient for you.

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Bowers & Wilkins HTM61 S2 cover off

Bowers & Wilkins HTM61 S2 - White Ex-Display

Regular Price: £549.00

Special Price £399.00

DALI Zensor 5 AX Active Floorstanding Loudspeakers

DALI Zensor 5 AX Active Floorstanding Loudspeakers - Ex Display

Regular Price: £799.00

Special Price £599.00

Rotel RSX-1560 silver

Rotel RSX-1560 AV Receiver (Ex Display)

Regular Price: £1,895.00

Special Price £995.00

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