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Have you bought a pair of headphones from us in the last month or so?

If yes, then you now have the opportunity to win your money back! All you have to do is post an update to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook expressing how much you’re enjoying your headphones – this can be a photograph, video, or a simple text-based post. To be eligible to win, you need to include the hashtag; ‘#HifiGearHeadphones’ and where applicable, mention us in the post @HifiGear (links to our social channels are below!). The winner of the competition will be notified via the social media platform that their winning entry was posted to.


We’ll sift through the updates and we’ll pick our favourite one from the lot. We’re looking for photos, videos and updates that we find entertaining and creative. You can enter as many times as you want, in as many forms as you want, across any of the social media platforms mentioned above. Remember, we’re looking for the best pictures, videos and sentences involving your new pair of headphones and we’ll be reposting and retweeting entries as we get them!


If you haven’t bought a pair yet and want to take part in this competition, then fear not – the winner will be announced August 31st October 1st, and the time in which you have to take part will span right up until then. This competition includes recertified Bowers & Wilkins headphone models.



To enter this competition via Instagram or Twitter, simply post your picture, video or otherwise status update and include the hashtag #HifiGearHeadphones and mention us @HifiGear at the end of the post. Please note that we may upload and reshare your image across our social channels. This is not an indication that you have won.

Twitter Entry Example:Twitter Entry

Instagram Entry Example
Instagram Entry Example

To enter this competition via Facebook, simply post your picture/update to our Facebook wall (http://www.facebook.com/hifigear). Please note that we may upload and reshare your image across our social channels. This is not an indication that you have won.

Facebook Entry ExampleFacebook Entry Example




Terms & Conditions/Disclaimer:

Only customers who have purchased headphones from HifiGear are eligible to take part in this competition. Customers of recertified, ex display, or otherwise ‘unsealed’ headphones are also eligible to enter this competition. The entrant in question must display/mention the headphones that the entrant initially bought. To be eligible to win, you must include the hashtag ‘#HifiGearHeadphones’, and in the instance of Twitter and Instagram; must tag @HifiGear in the post itself (links to HifiGear social media channels are included below). The winning entry will be picked at HifiGear’s discretion. Entrants may utilise all social media channels for the best chances to win, and there are no limits to how many times they post an entry. The winning entrant will be asked to confirm their initial purchase details privately before being officially issued their prize refund.

This competition is promoted, endorsed and represented by HifiGear exclusively and is in no way endorsed, promoted or represented by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of their affiliates. This promotion is not endorsed or represented by any of the headphone manufacturers that may be mentioned or displayed throughout. We retain the right to cancel, alter or otherwise end this promotion at any time at our own discretion.  Upon entering this competition, you accept these terms and conditions and acknowledge this disclaimer.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Recertified model, shown with an Audioquest Dragonfly

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