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  1. Monitor Audio Silver 7G Reveal

    Monitor Audio Silver 7G - A breath of fresh air

    Monitor Audio has just announced the new generation of their very successful Silver Series, we already loved the previous Gen 6 Silver series, with 2 speakers in this range, in particular, the Silver 50 Bookshelf Speaker and the Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker, I will get into detail why shortly.

    With a new generation of speakers comes new technology and looks. On paper, these are shaping to be a real eye-opener with their new RST II tech and we're so very keen to get our hands on them and give a full, honest review of what we expected. As always, the Silver range comes with an array of different finishes, in this instance, we have Gloss Black, Black Oak, Ash, Walnut and Satin White, making them fit seamlessly into any sort of living environment.

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  2. Bowers & Wilkins PX Vs Sennheiser PXC-550

    The two headphones I will be comparing are the Bowers & Wilkins PX and the Sennheiser PXC-550I will be talking about the Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, Comfort, Physical Appearance, App Control and any features which I think are worth mentioning. 

    The PX’s are currently priced at £329 and the PXC-550’s are £249. There has recently been a price reposition on the Sennheisers’ from £329 to £299 - which makes them a great competitive price against the PX's! 

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  3. Hifi Gear on YouTube

    At Hifi Gear we have recently relaunched into the world of YouTube.

    We have seen a number of newly released products from several of the brands we supply via our Hereford store and our online store. As these new products have been arriving for demo stock in store, we have taken the opportunity to record the unboxing of these products as a few of our customers had made enquiries about this type of content in the past.

    We have seen a number of subscribers to the channel already and the videos are gaining quite a number of views which has helped push us to record more content for the channel. You can check out products such as the new

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  4. Free KEF M400 Headphones When You Buy KEF Speakers (Now Finished)

    KEF Sound on the Move


    Our gift to you – FREE KEF M400 hi-fi headphones worth £130 when you choose KEF *

    Want to get your hands on your very own brand-new KEF M400 hi-fi headphones worth £130?

    Simply mention the offer to our team when making your KEF purchase and these seriously stylish headphones will be yours!

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  5. Quad In-Store Trade-In Deal (Now Finished)



    Quad are renowned for designing and engineering some of the most impressive sounding and longest-lasting hifi components on the market, a reputation they have developed over 80 years of experience, tradition and gruelling product development. It may sometimes be difficult to justify upgrading your system; while technology as a whole and Quad, in particular, have grown and improved immensely over the years - your thirty year old Quad system still sounds as good as the day you bought it... But Quad are now offering two very good intensives to move on your old system and experience sound like never before...


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  6. REGA: The Newest Member of the HifiGear Family

    Rega Now Available

    Rega Products Now Available From HifiGear

    We’re really pleased to announce the latest quality brand to be added to the HiFi Gear range; ‘Rega’, a well-established, British manufacturer of award-winning turntables, electronics and loudspeakers. A wide range of Rega products are now available in-store for purchase and demonstration.


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  7. Sennheiser HD800, HDVD800 + CH800S System

    Sennheiser offers a vast range of models with a familiar design concept; to offer the best possible sound quality and build quality at all price points. The HD800 headphones, when combined with the company's HDVD800 amplifier/DAC and specially designed CH800S interconnect form a truly astounding, audiophile-grade personal listening experience.


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  8. AudioQuest Launch Dragonfly Black & Red (Compatible with Mobile!)

    Dragonfly v2-14


    The original Dragonfly took the industry by storm in 2012 as one of the best and most compact USB DACs at its price-point, a reputation strengthened and reiterated by multiple awards, five-star reviews and glowing remarks from consumers and critics alike. AudioQuest has revived the Dragonfly once more, this time with the inclusion of a much-desired feature...

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  9. HifiGear Vinyl Stocklist

    In an effort to celebrate the great #VinylRevival and the warm, tactile listening experience that vinyl records offer; HifiGear will now be selling new, unopened vinyl records. Can't find what you're looking for? Request a piece of vinyl and it may appear on the list next time around.


    Want to purchase from the list below? Give us a call on 01432 354921, drop us an email on, or pop up to us on the chat in the bottom right-hand corner.


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    In an effort to celebrate the great #VinylRevival and the warm, tactile listening experience that vinyl records offer; HifiGear will now be selling new, unopened vinyl records from the premises in King Street.


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