Based in Waterbeach, Cambridge, Arcam designs and manufactuers high performance audio and home cinema products to offer the best performance at any given price point, with excellent build quality, relaiability and after sales support.

Stereo separates include the audiophile quality, entry level CD17 CD player and A18 amplifer, and top out with the superb sounding, high end A38 amplifier and CD37 CD player. The rDac and rDac kW give your digital sources quality D to A conversion both wired and wirelessly, whilst the rCube gets the best possible sound from your iPod/ iPhone.

Arcam spotted the market for a single compact stereo system combining CD, stereo amplifier, FM/DAB tuner with a performance to rival separate hifi components - the incredible Solo products were created, including the entry level Solo Mini. Upping the power output and adding wifi streaming capability, Arcam created the Solo Neo for a premium quality stereo streaming product.

Home cinema has been a passion of Arcam for over 10 years now,a nd the latest BDP100 blu-ray player offers the home cinema enthusiast one of the best pictures in the market, together with excellent stereo music capability. Matched with either the AVR400 or AVR600 AV receivers, Arcam offers a high performance AV and music solution.

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Arcam rBlink Bluetooth wireless DAC

Excellent Sound Quality

As you’d expect from Arcam, the rBlink is a very well-built little unit, with a small, discrete design, comprising a solid aluminium case with a rubberised bottom panel. Having the outputs one end (a coaxial and stereo RCA) and the power, aerial & Bluetooth sync button the other makes it easy to slip into most systems without getting in the way, unless you are syncing multiple devices to it on a regular basis. Performance Set up really couldn’t be simpler and takes about 5 minutes to unbox, connect and get music playing. Having tried the rBlink on my home system, I found the sound performance to be great from a Bluetooth device running 128khz (which I have always found to be a little flat in the past). Just picking out a few random tracks, a little lack of detail and pace was the only thing I could criticise, but nothing to upset me understanding the source. Wiring into the Arcam A19, you can lose the separate power supply and run directly from the amp. Now using the aptX at 320kps was a different revelation; the sound running from a pair of KEF R300s was excellent. No jitter or lack of detail was noticeable; the depth of sound was remarkable for Bluetooth and as good as hard-wiring in any similar device. With rich low tones, detailed mid-range and clear high tones, the rBlink delivers sound remarkably, and even when using a 128kHz source - the bass is still solid with just a minor drop off of detail. Verdict If you use the rBlink to its full capabilities you will be nothing but blown away. The quality when used on a decent set up is exceptional, offering everything you’d want and more from a wireless option. When using a standard Bluetooth signal the sound still impresses and holds together well. So if you are looking for a Bluetooth adaptor for any system, you cannot go far wrong with this smart addition to the Arcam family.