Monitor Audio

Started in 1972 by the charismatic Mo Iqbal, Monitor Audio began loudspeaker design and production using tried and tested methods available at that time - plastic cone materials, fabric dome tweeters and reflex loaded braced cabinets. The speakers were welcomed by enthusiasts both in the UK and throughout the World.

Following a management buyout in the 1980s, over the next decade, Monitor Audio expanded its speaker ranges into stereo, surround and in-ceiling/ in-wall plus outdoor speakers to meet the needs of a more diverse, emerging market. At the same time, it embraced metal C-CAM driver technology which can respond to audio signals more faithfully than traditional materials, thanks to its inherent strength and rigidity.

The current Monitor Audio range of speakers is a very successful line-up including the entry-level Bronze range, mid-market Silver series using C-CAM drivers, the new Gold range delivering a high-end performance and lastly the Platinum II range for those buyers who do not wish to compromise sound quality.

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