ATC started in business to satisfy the expanding pro-audio studio market in th 1970's, priding itself on designing high quality drive units capable of handling great power with very low distortion perfectly suited to the pro studio monitoring market. ATC are known for their radical dome midrange driver which offered many technical and audio benefits over conventional drivers including a more uniform dispersion, wider bandwidth and much lower distortion than was thought possible at the time. This dome midrange driver made ATC speakers the firm choice for the vast majority of music studios ever since.

ATC went on to develop active studio monitors with active crossovers and power amplifiers all housed within the speaker cabinet for even greater performance, which saw customers including Pink Floyd and Supertramp beating a path to ATC's door. Now that the pro market was established, ATC were asked to produce a wood veneered monitor suitable for the domestic audio maket, which saw it develop the massively popular SCM7, SCM11, SCM19 and SCM40 models.

Having firmly established their pro and domestic speaker models, ATC felt that they could improve on the audio amplifier section of the system chain to give an even more realistic live sound. First out of the design department was the SCA2 pre-amplifier with on-board phono stage, followed by the line level CA2 pre-amp and SPA2-150 stereo power amplifier, all designed to deliver effortless power into difficult loads with absolute reliabilty and fidelity. ATC added the integrated amplifier to combine much of the performance of the pre/power combo into a single chassis product, the ATC SIA150-2 integrated amplifier. Invest in ATC products and the sound quality and pride of ownership will last you a lifetime.