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Monthly Archives: March 2015



    In an effort to celebrate the great #VinylRevival and the warm, tactile listening experience that vinyl records offer; HifiGear will now be selling new, unopened vinyl records from the premises in King Street.


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  2. The History of HifiGear

    HifiGear has been trading for over a decade, and has seen two names and four buildings in that time. This article explains a bit about where the company came from, where it is now, and everything in between.

    HifiGear, now located in King Street, Hereford.

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  3. Shop Move: Instalment 7 - We're In

    The last few weeks have been a real adventure, but we're finally in.

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  4. Quad Unveil New S Series

    QUAD is hardly a new name to the hifi world, having developed some of the best sounding loudspeakers and electronic components on the market for almost 80 years. Quad hifi is immediately recognisable by its traditional aesthetic, yet ground-breaking sound and it's with the S Series that Quad plan to continue upholding their exemplary reputation.

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