AudioQuest NRG-1 + Zeppelin Air

I’ve always been skeptic to the belief that cables make a huge difference to a system and its performance.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air + NRG-1 Cable from AudioQuest

While I’ve always understood that a poorly built cable is obviously worse than a well-built cable, I’ve had little time to sit down and compare two cables against each other. Well, recently, I took the plunge and bought myself an AudioQuest NRG-1 cable for my Zeppelin Air.

Needless to say, the difference was noticeable immediately.

During extensive listening with the original ‘dirty’ power cable that comes with the Zep, I noticed no distortion or degrading sound quality, which is why it took me so long to consider a different power cable. However, once I’d plugged in the NRG-1, the difference was there right away. Bass suddenly became more liquid, vocal response became more detailed and the mid-range was clearer than previously.

I’m now looking to upgrade to the NRG-2 and see if it makes any more of a major leap in sound quality than the NRG-1 did. If someone is looking to upgrade their Zeppelin Air in a way that boosts sound quality and clarity, I highly recommend you try out the NRG-1. Some people are more attuned to cable-alterations than others, so if you’ve not experienced a cable upgrade before – head down to our store and ask to demonstrate a Zeppelin Air through an NRG-1 and hear for yourself!

AudioQuest NRG-1 in the back of a Zeppelin Air

A simple upgrade to your Zeppelin that will cause an instant difference