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  1. HifiGear: Bowers & Wilkins Factory Visit

    Bowers & Wilkins factory visit, Worthing, UK

    We were recently given the very special opportunity to travel to the Bowers & Wilkins headquarters in Worthing for some product training and a tour of the factory. Every room of the tour reflected a common atmosphere that made us feel warm and welcome, even in some of the more clinical (and highly impressive) laboratory testing rooms of the factory.

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  2. AudioQuest NRG-1 + Zeppelin Air

    I've always been skeptic to the belief that cables make a huge difference to a system and its performance.

    Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air + NRG-1 Cable from AudioQuest

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  3. B&W Z2 Airplay speaker review

    Update: This review was written when the Z2 was a fairly new product and had a price of £329. With a recent price adjustment, you can now pick up a brand new Bowers & Wilkins Z2 for phenomenal £169; at this price, the Z2 is a blinding purchase.

    Review by Stephen Goode of Hifi Gear

    When Jamie (Hifi Gear Manager ) asked me to review the B&W Z2, I was more than delighted; having been a Zep fan for quite some time and have been itching to get my hands on the Z2.

    B&W Z2 airplay speaker in black finish B&W Z2 airplay speaker in black finish

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