It's that time of year again! On the third Saturday of every April since 2007, thousands of independent record shops, turntable manufacturers, musicians and vinyl enthusiasts across the world celebrate the unique culture surrounding the independent record store.

Record Store Day sees not only an outstanding level of community across vinyl and music lovers alike, but also a huge range of special Record Store Day-specific vinyl and CD releases, deals and discounts, artist performances and meet and greets, and loads more! The 'vinyl revival' and renewed interest in the analogue domain has seen a drastically increased level of support for Record Store Day, and subsequently, a lot more involvement from labels, turntable manufacturers and musicians.

We love the concept or Record Stay Day, and as of March, we have been selling vinyl records as well as turntables and turntable accessories in a section of our Hereford shop that we have dubbed 'The Vinyl Corner'. If you're in the area, certainly come in and have a flick through!

If you purchase a Pro-Ject turntable from us in-store on RSD (Saturday 18 April) - you'll receive a free vinyl cleaning accessory!

Keep up with our social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter for the next few days to be the first to take advantage of other deals and offers across the vinyl-record domain this week!