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  1. Monitor Audio Silver 7G Reveal

    Monitor Audio Silver 7G - A breath of fresh air

    Monitor Audio has just announced the new generation of their very successful Silver Series, we already loved the previous Gen 6 Silver series, with 2 speakers in this range, in particular, the Silver 50 Bookshelf Speaker and the Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker, I will get into detail why shortly.

    With a new generation of speakers comes new technology and looks. On paper, these are shaping to be a real eye-opener with their new RST II tech and we're so very keen to get our hands on them and give a full, honest review of what we expected. As always, the Silver range comes with an array of different finishes, in this instance, we have Gloss Black, Black Oak, Ash, Walnut and Satin White, making them fit seamlessly into any sort of living environment.

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  2. Hifi Gear: Henley Audio HQ Visit

    Ryan and I were recently invited to Henley Audio in Oxford for a tour around the facility as well as some informative training on some of the brands we deal with in the store. Towards the end of the day, we also had the opportunity to rebuild an Essential III from Project from putting the platter and belt on to re-fitting the cartridge and aligning it. I will be going into more detail on this build later on in this post.

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  3. Bowers & Wilkins PX Vs Sennheiser PXC-550

    The two headphones I will be comparing are the Bowers & Wilkins PX and the Sennheiser PXC-550I will be talking about the Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, Comfort, Physical Appearance, App Control and any features which I think are worth mentioning. 

    The PX’s are currently priced at £329 and the PXC-550’s are £249. There has recently been a price reposition on the Sennheisers’ from £329 to £299 - which makes them a great competitive price against the PX's! 

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  4. KEF LS50 Stands by Custom Design; the ultimate companion

    The LS50 now has a dedicated platform to perform upon, designed and engineered by Custom Design to match the appearance and enhance the sound of the LS50 and LS50 Wireless models without compromise.

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  5. Loewe: A Brief History (Sort Of)

    Siegmund Loewe with Manfred von Ardenne Siegmund Loewe with Manfred von Ardenne

    Loewe are a well established and highly regarded manufacturer of television sets and hifi products, having been designing and engineering many ground-breaking innovations for almost 100 years. While renowned worldwide for their impeccable build quality, stunning picture, immersive sound, luxurious design and overall futuristic feel; Loewe has a compelling history as an impacting force behind the development of consumer electronics industry as we know it today. This history is extensive, so I've tried to simplify it out to some of the more impacting milestones.

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  6. HifiGear: Chord Company Factory Visit

    The Chord Company are a British manufacturer of high quality cables and interconnects, designed and engineered specifically for music enthusiasts by music enthusiasts. Chord build award-winning cables for hifi stereo systems, home theatre applications, high definition televisions/gaming, music streamers and for custom installation environments.




    Cameron and myself were recently invited down to the Chord factory in Salisbury, allowing us to put some faces to the names and voices we’ve befriended over telephone and email conversations, and also to get a real feel for the level of effort and care that Chord put into the design and construction of their award-winning cables.

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  7. Record Store Day Special: What is Record Store Day?

    It's that time of year again! On the third Saturday of every April since 2007, thousands of independent record shops, turntable manufacturers, musicians and vinyl enthusiasts across the world celebrate the unique culture surrounding the independent record store.

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  8. Hifi Gear's Guide to Files & Formats

    Guide to Formats & Files - Hifi Gear


    Hifi Gear's Guide to Files & Formats By Stephen Goode


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  9. B&W: Speakers, headphones, Airplay, Jaguar and, exclusive society?

    We (finally) set ourselves up at Bowers & Wilkins' highly prestigious and well-talked about 'Society of Sound'. We're finding ourselves spending almost as much time there as we are on our own site...

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  10. Integrating older Video Components into a Modern Set-up...

    Chunky, heavy and often un-relliable as they aged, VHS tapes are firmly consigned to the history books...

    As HD televisions become the norm, the majority of previous video formats to the Blu-ray format have all become nearly obsolete. However, as many people have built-up a collection on VHS and DVD, replacing them on Blu-ray can be an extortionate task in itself, purely due to both cost and finding the rarity titles.

    HD Televisions, such as this Loewe Individual, are becoming the d
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