Audioquest is one of the most well-regarded cable manufacturers in the world, with each cable seeing a level of meticulous detail in both its aesthetic construction, as well as intuitive engineering within to provide an impressive performance. Regardless of whether the cable in question be an analogue or digital interconnect, speaker cable, subwoofer cable or anything with Audioquest's badge on it - only the finest quality materials and construction expertise are used to form an exceptional, industry-leading product.

AudioQuest continues to retain their reputation as one of the leading cables and interconnect manufacturers, but have since stepped into the realm of audiophile personal audio. In addition to their range of cables, AudioQuest design and engineer a series of headphones and award-winning USB DACs. The original Dragonfly DAC took the industry by storm and has since been superseded by the Dragonfly Black and Dragonfly Red models. 

Their introduction to the high-end headphone market was the 'NightHawk', a wide and precise open-back design, built with specialised diaphragm drivers. Following the NightHawk is its closed-back superior, the NightOwl, and then the NightHawk Carbon - which follows the original NightHawk open-back design but sees the implementation of the NightOwls superior cable and construction. 

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