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Vertere Acoustics

Vertere Acoustics’ ideology is simple and couldn’t be more true. It’s that any Hifi System is only as good as its weakest link. Everything, including the cables, tone arm and every part of their equipment, must be balanced and engineered with care, attention and passion, to get the absolute best from your favourite album.


Vertere engineers all of their products from the ground up, starting at the fundamentals of cutting and producing a record to get as close to the original recording as possible.


That may sound like a simple ‘less is more’ philosophy, but we prefer to look at it this way: the best audio equipment shouldn’t add anything to the original recording. Rather it should affect it as little as possible; bringing the listener ever closer to what the artist, producer and mastering engineer wanted you to hear.

Vertere Acoustics was founded by Touraj Moghaddam, designer of Roksan’s ever popular & infamous Xerxes turntable. Over the last decade, Touraj has been refining his designs to produce some of the world's finest turntables, with a frightening amount of time, effort and attention to detail put into each and every one.

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