In an effort to celebrate the great #VinylRevival and the warm, tactile listening experience that vinyl records offer; HifiGear will now be selling new, unopened vinyl records from the premises in King Street.


Our extensive catalogue includes new and modern vinyl releases, like Ed Sheeran’s + and x albums, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and classics like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. A number of the records we stock are also available in the audiophile quality 180g heavy-weight pressing.



We are able to source and supply hundreds of records from a multitude of artists spanning over many genres, so if you happen to be looking for something in particular, let us know and we’ll tell you if we can get hold of it and how quickly it’ll arrive in.



If you’re looking to start or replace a turntable, then we also have a number of models on display from brands like Pro-Ject and Clearaudio available for both demonstration and purchase. For those who are looking to rejuvenate or upgrade their existing turntable, then we also sell replacement cartridges/styli, tone-arms, interconnects and a number of vinyl cleaning/maintenance accessories.


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Stephen is HifiGear's social media content manager and eCommerce development assistant. He adds the new products to the website and keeps our Facebook and Twitter up to date. He's a huge fan of music and takes interest in most genres. He's also slowly becoming an avid headphone collector, owning a pair of Sennheiser Momentums, KEF M500s and most recently the Bowers & Wilkins P7. In his spare time, he makes music with friends on a home Logic Pro studio set-up. Stephen's System: Bowers & Wilkins CM8, CM1, Rotel RA-12, Sonos Connect + Play 3.

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