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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  1. Happy Xmas 2011 - Free gifts from Hifi Gear for orders over £300

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  2. Taking a look at hi-fi micro systems


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  3. What Hifi Award Winners 2011

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  4. Choosing a Digital Radio

    Digital Radio Explored…

    Digital radio formats are rapidly becoming more and more popular. It could be because of the fact that there have been rumours about the traditional FM analogue bandwidth being phased out for other purposes. Although we will miss FM, digital alternatives offer a greater choice of topics and musical genres through both DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and internet radio. Also, a good quality DAB and internet radio provider with limited compression can rival the analogue bandwidths on smaller systems where specific details may not be as precise as that of a larger, audiophile built system.  We will look in this article as to what digital radio alternatives have to offer, as well as getting the best out of the main digital alternatives.


    Geneva-Sound-Model-S-DAB iPod speaker


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  5. How to choose Analogue Tuners

    Getting the best out of
    Analogue Tuners…

    We all love the radio. It is a great, effective format that can do so many things. News, entertainment, music and topical programmes all have their home upon the waves of the radio. However, radio, as a format, has dramatically changed over the last decade. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) became a new sensation which offered more choice from independent stations and the mainstream broadcasters of whom could now be heard in hiss-free digital quality. However, even more of advancement in radio is the recent technology which allows for internet radio to be listened to on Hi-Fi and even portable players, just like the iPod for example.



    Radio’s face is changing as the technology in the world grows. Rumours have spread

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  6. How to Choose Phono Cartridges

    Phono Cartridges

    Ortofon-Rondo-Blue-Moving coil Cartridge

    Vinyl is something that everyone loves at heart. It’s warm and deliciously refined and really shows the studio mix in an entertaining light – don’t we just love it?

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  7. How to Choose a Soundbar

    Great sound, bar none…


    Surround sound has become one of the best experiences for home entertainment since its mainstream availability in the early 1990s.As years progressed the systems available became both more affordable and much more technologically advanced with surround sound encoding from the likes of DTS and Dolby; all with their large array of formats and various codec specifications. Some of the earliest surround formats were placed onto some VHS tapes with ‘Dolby Surround’. Naturally DVD carried the most surround formats due to it being able to carry various surround modes and audio. These days Blu-ray can carry a lot of surround sound options because of the huge data capacity that a Blu-ray can contain – it’s all uncompressed data which means maximum quality is available instead of it being lost.

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