KEF LS50 Stands by Custom Design; the ultimate companion

The LS50 now has a dedicated platform to perform upon, designed and engineered by Custom Design to match the appearance and enhance the sound of the LS50 and LS50 Wireless models without compromise.

You can purchase the LS50 loudspeaker stands from our website, along with the KEF LS50 and KEF LS50 Wireless.

Custom Design are an English-based company that design and manufacture high quality audio-visual furniture. They’re a family company, who dedicate their time and energy to creating specialist HiFi and AV furniture that’s not only aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, but also anti-resonant and audio-enhancing. This is a philosophy they retain throughout the entire process of any AV rack or speaker stand that they build – to look nice, and to enhance the dynamic response by removing as much unwanted resonance from the stand as possible.


Their latest innovation is the ultimate companion for KEF’s highly acclaimed, EISA award winning speakers; the LS50. Designed specifically for them, Custom Design’s LS50 stand features a clean and neat visual design that compliments the appearance of the LS50 flawlessly, making use of a slightly rounded base plate that matches the cabinet of the LS50. Two colour options are available, so the stands are able to match whichever finish LS50 you prefer.

The LS50 is a highly dynamic and realistic sounding speaker, especially when paired with the right amplifier, source and of course – stands. The rigid and anti-resonant foundation that they provide the LS50 means that the speaker is able to perform to a superior level than if it were given inadequate support. This can be enhanced further with the use of an inert filler.


These newly launched LS50 Wireless also benefits from Custom Design’s LS50 Stands, both in terms of aesthetic and sonic functionality. A must-buy for any LS50 fan. Floor protectors sold separately.


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