Quad In-Store Trade-In Deal



Quad are renowned for designing and engineering some of the most impressive sounding and longest-lasting hifi components on the market, a reputation they have developed over 80 years of experience, tradition and gruelling product development. It may sometimes be difficult to justify upgrading your system; while technology as a whole and Quad, in particular, have grown and improved immensely over the years – your thirty year old Quad system still sounds as good as the day you bought it… But Quad are now offering two very good intensives to move on your old system and experience sound like never before…


To celebrate the launch of the impressive new Artera series, Quad are offering an exclusive trade-in deal for existing Quad customers. Simply bring your existing Quad hifi system to your local authorised Quad retailer (us, for example) and save money on either the pre-amplifer, power amplifier or a combination of both. Get in touch for details.


The Artera series is comprised of the luxurious ‘Artera Play’ pre-amplifier with integrated DAC and CD player, to be used in conjunction with the ‘Artera Stereo’, a robust and room-filling power amplifier.  When paired together, this system offers a flexible level of playback, catering a multitude of sources and decoding them to a superlative standard, while the power amp’s 280 watt total output guarantees a thick and detailed sound, regardless of how fussy your speakers might be. More information on the Artera series can be found here on our website. Artera system is also available for demonstration at our show-room in King Street, Hereford.





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