Headphone Amplifiers

Audeze (pronounced like 'Odyssey') are commonly referred to as one of the most innovative and prestigious headphone manufacturers in the world. The forefront of their production process consists of simple design philosophy; to 'remove the boundaries between artist and listener'. Audeze headphones incorporate a superlative combination of radical acoustic engineering, and alluringly beautiful craftsmanship to provide the audio enthusiast with a luxuriously comfortable listening experience, complete with every potential microdynamic left uncompromised. 

Audeze headphones use state-of-the-art methods of reproducing sound to a stunning level of accuracy, making them an unrivalled medium in achieving the most transparent audio reproduction possible. Adored by the most demanding audiophiles, professional engineers and music producers, the Audeze models act as the ideal reference. 

As any headphone enthusiast will tell you, quality cans require a strong and pure source of amplification in order to perform to their full potential. Audeze, as a manufacturer of some of the most technologically advanced and most dynamic sounding headphone models on the market, are well aware of this fact. In addition to their range of premium headphone models, the company design and engineer a series of headphone amplification units built specifically around their headphones to compliment the sound signature and technology without compromise. 

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