Debut Series

ELAC are a German manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers, renowned for their life-like and natural sound response. This is achieved through a the company's uncompromising design philosophy, a simple yet highly effective effort to every element of the manufacturing process: manual dexterity, ingenuity, an eye for quality, short routes, high levels of vertical manufacturing.

The Debut Series is ELAC's entry-level range of quality loudspeakers and is arguably one of the best loudspeaker series' in their price point. When designing the Debut series, chief engineer Andrew Jones set out to build a product that would exceed the expectations and standards of discerning audiophiles when comparing the sound and build quality against their highly accessible price.  

The Debut series is described by Elac as being a 'family of performers' and compromises of nine models in total. These include three pairs of bookshelf speakers, two floor-standers, a centre channel and a Doby-Atmos enabled model. These speakers can then be complimented by a choice of two high quality subwoofers, allowing the listener to form a truly immersive and dynamic listening experience in both home cinema and stereo two channel applications. 

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