Podium Slimline XS & XL

HiFi Racks Ltd are a family run hifi furniture manufacturer, situated deep within rural England. The company was started by Bradley Waters in 2007, and was originally a one-man operation. Hifi Racks are now based in a large industrial unit in Oakham, Rutland and consists of a vast number of committed and skillful craftsmen. 

All HiFi Racks furniture is built here in the UK, by hand and using only the highest quality materials to offer a premium design with excellent anti-resonance properties and proven durability. The philosophy of Hifi Racks; 'One size doesn't fit all', means that most models are bespoke to the customer, and every aspect of their design can be adjusted and customised dependant on the requirements at hand. Hifi Racks can tailor-make the rack to any height, length, width or depth or even built a completely unique rack to fit in to a particular place, if necessary.

Hifi Racks have received many awards for their designs and trademark British craftsmanship, and work only with solid hardwoods sourced from a number of extremely high quality timbers from all over the world. 

The Podium Slimline series is the entry level hifi furniture range from HiFi Racks. The Podium Slimline features many of the same technological advancements and design principles as the Podium Reference, but puts them into one simple rack, supplied in one box. Handmade from solid oak to exceptionally high standards, the Podium Slimline boasts a level of British craftsmanship that few competitors can match. 

The Podium Slimline is built from solid oak, but can be stained to match the appearance of other woods. The available finishes are natural oak, black, white, cherry or mahogany. The Akorner variant of the Podium Slimline is designed to be conveniently placed into the corner of a room. The XS version of the Podium Slimline is designed for compact hifi components like the Naim Uniti series, or smaller Rega products. The XL version is designed for use with AV systems and offers room for a television to be placed on the top, or have hifi comopnents side by side. 

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