The Loewe brand values of minimalist design, meaningful innovation and exclusive individuality started in Berlin in 1923, with the brothers Dr Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe. Since then, one principle has always been adhered to setting new standards with innovation for the senses.

Loewe established an impressive level of quality as early as 1931, with the first public television transmission worldwide. Loewe has been producing quality made in Germany at its location in Kronach since 1948. In the last 20 years, in addition to the Art 1 from 1985 becoming a design classic, Loewe has received numerous national and international awards.

The current Loewe line-up features a number of different 4K, ultra-high definition sets within the entry-level Bild 1, Bild 3, Bild 5 and Bild 7 series offer superior picture quality through the use of Loewe specific processing and construction methods. You can read more about the History of Loewe on our blog. 

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Set Descending Direction