Bild 5

The Bild 5 is a midrange luxury television set in Loewe's catalogue of premium sets, featuring state of the art resolution, industry-leading processing and a true commitment to immersive sound, something that many competitor brands on the market today have left at the wayside.

Featuring Ultra-HD 4K image technology smooth and re with Edge-LED backlighting, as well as an intricate super-resolution scaling algorithm to upscale and sharpen full HD content to increase the level of detail. Motions realistic thanks to Loewe's Image+ Active technology, which optimises the sharpness of the image, contrast, saturation and the uniformity of darker shades.

There are various inputs on the television tailored to video content including HDMI (HDMI UHD with HDCP2.2), USB and a wireless WLAN or a hardwired LAN connection. Build in is an internet radio - including a search function, there is also an internet browser with the ability to download internet apps (MediaNet). With DR+ build into the Bild 5, featuring a storage capacity of 1TB being able to record all of your favourite programmes.

Integrated within the Bild 5's designer chassis is a closed stereo speaker box, offering 40 watts of power to each speaker (80 watts total), resulting in a rich and dynamic sound experience. This superlative loudspeaker system is combined with Loewe's Sound Processing tech to ensure that this quality does not deteriorate along the signal chain.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction