Michell Engineering is a family-run manufacturer of quality turntables. Michell have become a revered and regarded brand within the industry, having claimed countless awards along with the hearts of enthusiasts and critics alike. They temper exemplary audiophile construction with innovative and elegant design to form an impacting and visually beautiful product, with the finesse and superiority to replay your vinyl records to an impeccable level of quality.

Having been trading for almost four decades, Michell are one of the oldest and longest-standing quality turntable manufacturers still around today. The first version of their superlative Gyrodec was built over 25 years ago, but can still be upgraded and serviced to today's version.

Their range of tonearms are designed to work in unuison with their various decks, meaning that you are able to customise your Michell turntable system in order to cater to individual tastes and budgets. 

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