Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity was established by Anthony Michaelson in the early 1980's, as he was dissatisfied with amplifiers available to him at the time, and felt that he could design and build much better products for audio enthusiasts on a budget.

The inital amplifier products including the legendary A1 integrated amplifier, offered enthusiasts more music and less hifi than they had experienced in the past, and it went down a storm. Anthony followed this design with more powerful integrated amplifiers and pre-power amplifiers, which were equally well received by press and public alike. The next stage was to add source components, and throught the 1990's extraordinary CD player designs with great sound quality came forth from the MF stable.

With the new millenium, MF started to experiment with tubes (valves) and the Nuvistor range was born, with great reviews and many happy customers. The current range includes CD transports, media streaming units, DAC's  as well as conventional CD players and integrated amplifiers. All offer fantastic musical performance and great reliability.

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Musical Fidelity V90-AMP Amplifier front

Musical Fidelity V90-AMP Amplifier

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