Onkyo build and develop some of the most highly regarded AV receivers on the market today, being one of the few brands who focus on sound quality and functionality without compromising on either aspect. The company's range of home-cinema hubs are built into a variety of price points, meaning there's a unit for everyone, and each of these units in each of these price categories tend to win awards and hearts alike. 

Onkyo is one of the most long established home electronics manufactures in the world, and has recently stormed the UK with it's range of high performance, well equipped and great value AV receivers.

Onkyo's ascent to the top of the home cinema hill started with the TX-SR605 receiver back in 2006, one of the first AV receivers available in the UK with HDMI inputs and outputs in a product priced below £400. It's receivers received rave reviews and sold like hot cakes, which encouraged Onkyo to further refine their AV receiver range. In additon Onkyo have a fine blu-ray player range of products, as well as hifi separates and mini audio systems.

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