Monitor Speakers

SpeakerCraft are an American loudspeaker manufacturer, specialising in discrete in-wall/in-ceiling and outdoor loudspeaker solutions. With a vast catalogue of models to choose from, SpeakerCraft have designed a multitude of speakers to fit any budget and fulfill any audio purpose, whether this be as part of an invisible home theatre set-up, or hidden speakers for the garden. SpeakerCraft retain a common design philosophy throughout the construction process of any of their speakers, and that is to offer only the best possible solution in terms of both build integrity and sound quality at every price point.

With their range of high quality speaker monitors, SpeakerCraft take the unbeatable audiophile level of sound quality found within their in-ceiling and in-wall models and places it into an on-the-shelf speaker for when in wall or in ceiling simply isn't convenient or possible. 

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