All Weather Speakers

Yamaha started business in 1987 manufacturing musical instruments. As the business grew it added motorcycle and audio equipment manufacture to it's portfolio. Today all of these product areas are flourishing, and over 25000 employees in more than 40 countries are involved in Yamaha.

The Yamaha consumer electronics range offers solutions for music and movie enjoyment in the home, with a wide range of hifi separates and home cinema products covering all budgets, from entry level systems costing a few hundred pounds, to high end systems where each item represents to absolute pinnacle of performance.

Yamaha's outdoor/weatherproof loudspeakers are designed with both domestic consumer and commercial environments in mind and are equally suited in quality cafes, restaurants, outdoor activity areas and swimming pools as they are in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor patio areas. 

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Yamaha NS-AW392 All-Weather Speakers white

Yamaha NS-AW392 All-Weather Speakers

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