Dynavector DRT XV-1s Mono Cartridge

Dynavector DRT XV-1s Mono Cartridge

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Dynavector DRT XV-1s Mono Cartridge 

Low output moving coil mono cartridge with multi Alnico magnets and the Flux damper. This mono cartridge has been developed due to enthusiastic requests from mono record lovers, worldwide. Designed as a typical, old fashioned mono cartridge, but developed as a true high fidelity component. It is designed to provide the highest performance and extract the greatest musical expression possible from mono records. Follows from the innovative design and technology of the acclaimed stereo cartridge and incorporates the following details and considerations

Compliance in horizontal and vertical directions

*Musical information is recorded in the horizontal direction on mono records.
Tracking the vertical elements will only lead to extraneous noise or potential damage of the record groove. Given this, the compliance of the XV-1s Mono in the vertical direction has been set considerably lower compared to that of the horizontal direction. A somewhat 'thin' and harsh sound is often experienced when playing a mono record with a normal stereo cartridge. A stereo cartridge picks up both the horizontal and the vertical groove information so that both the music and unnecessary noise are reproduced.

Special coil bobbin design

The corner of the coil bobbin (armature) of the stereo cartridge is oriented at a 45-degree angle to the record surface in order to pick up both horizontal and vertical groove modulations. With the XV-1s mono, the bobbin is rotated to be parallel to the record surface. Therefore, sensitivity to vertical modulation is reduced dramatically and horizontal modulation is converted directly to the desired electrical signal. This is the most important feature of the mono cartridge.

Bifilar wound coil

A typical mono cartridge has two output terminals (hot and ground) with a single coil. The XV-1s mono has been designed with the four output terminals having bifilar wound coils. The bifilar wound coil means that dual separate monaural coils are connected respectively to the left and right channel terminals. As such, a typical stereo phono head amplifier/stereo phono preamplifier can be used as is without issues of hum, noise or ground loops.

Innovative magnetic circuit design

The magnetic circuit design of the XV-1s mono follows directly from the innovative XV-1s stereo cartridge. Ideal characteristics have been achieved through an unparalleled magnetic circuit featuring 8 Alnico magnet rods. The XV-1s mono also
utilizes DV\'s flux damper (patent) that reduces magnetic distortion. This innovative circuit provides a presentation that is clear, natural and musically expressive like no other cartridge before.

Stylus tip and cantilever

The cantilever assembly for the XV-1s mono is of solid boron with a line contact stylus profile, similar to that of the XV-1s stereo cartridge. A line contact stylus profile is unusual for a mono cartridge, but the depth of grooves remain constant on mono records and the shape of the groove on mono records is at the same average level found on stereo records. Properly implemented, a modern line contact stylus can be used with mono records with great success. As well, the XV-1s mono cartridge will not damage a stereo record due to its moderate vertical compliance.

Type   Low output moving coil mono cartridge with
multi Alnico magnets and the Flux damper
 Output Voltage 0.25mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec. RMS horizontal) 
                      Frequency response                      20 - 50,000Hz 
 Compliance 6 x 10-6 cm/dyn (horizontal) 
 Tracking force  2.6 - 3.2 grams 
 Impedance R=7 ohms 
 Recommended load
> 30 ohms 
 Cantilever 6mm length 0.3 mm dia. solid boron 
 Stylus PF Line contact shape, stylus radius: 7 x 30 micron 
 Weight 12.6 grams 

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