How to choose stereo receivers

Onkyo TX-8050

Onkyo TX-8050 stereo receiver with networking

Receiving you loud and clear…

Stereo receivers are ideal as they combine both an integrated amplifier and a stereo tuner in one. These both are great factors as you can have more equipment for the money and you can also limit the amount of space you’re using in the home. Stereo receivers have moved on from just FM/AM tuners; they now include DAB and even Wi-Fi streaming technology too.

Rear panel connections for Onkyo TX8050 showing network connection

Rear panel connections for Onkyo TX8050 showing network connection

With a stereo receiver it can easily be the hub of the entertainment within the stereo Hi-Fi. It has inputs for adding standard equipment, such as CD players, cassette decks or hi-fi turntables and still have room for plentiful auxiliary equipment, like iPod docks and network audio boxes. In today’s world there are huge advancements of how we listen to music. Many stereo receivers feature DAB radio for receiving many stations in a digital quality that is free of the hiss and white noise of a traditional weakly tuned FM signal. Many stations which feature on AM radio waves also broadcast on the DAB system – this means you can now listen to them in pristine digital stereo without the undesired signal phasing or weaknesses. However, since DAB, our music is now available to us through the internet. As a result, Wi-Fi connectivity allows us to tune into the ever growing phenomenon of internet radio. This means that digital radio is now available from all over the world and this in turn offers an almost endless choice of stations, topics and musical choices. One Receiver that offers this is the unique Teac AG-H600 DNT Wi-Fi receiver.

TEAC AG-H600DNT network receiver

TEAC AG-H600DNT network receiver showing front panel and rear connections

Beautifully designed and streams wireless internet radio from your Wi-Fi set-up with very little effort, bringing stunning and dreamy results. Is this the future of how we listen to radio? It looks pretty certain…

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