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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  1. Integrating Older Components into your Set-up. Part 1 of 2

    In a world where digital audio seems to dominate almost everyone's Hi-Fi system, it is no surprise that a few of us are now bucking the trend by including older components within our systems for both nostalgia, but more importantly, for the potential that they still have lurking inside them.

    Classic QUAD 22 and II power amplifiers from the 1960's Classic QUAD 22 and II power amplifiers from the 1960's

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  2. Good News for Truffle Card Holders!

    Hifi Gear are very proud to be in Herefordshire. After all, it's an area of outstanding and natural beauty.

    Truffle Card Get your Trufflecard to save 10% on your next purchase with Hifi Gear!

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  3. The Olympics are Here!

    The Olympics are Here!

    Loewe 32 Connect ID Loewe 32 Connect ID

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  4. Welcome Back, Sansui!

    Welcome Back, Sansui! 

    During the 1970s, Sansui dominated the Hi-Fi market with their innovative designs and superb sound quality. They also demonstrated that Hi-Fi components didn’t need to be expensive to give true performance.

    Classic Sansui AU-317 fron the late 1970's

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  5. Happy Birthday, KEF!

    Happy Birthday, KEF!


    Yes, it’s been 50 years since KEF started engineering and manufacturing their range of audio speakers. Raymond Cooke, the founding member and ex-Wharfedale technical director, realised that he could start a company to build high-quality loud speakers and sell them to people with the desire for quality and affordability in one. As they established themselves as a UKbrand of Hi-Fi speakers, KEF joined a league of manufacturers that had a good clue as to what their buyers expected; the competition consisted of Celestion, B&W and Wharfedale. More of KEF’s history is documented in our previous blog post: KEF are on the Scene'. 

    To celebrate KEF’s anniversary, KEF has launched the LS50 – a superb bookshelf speaker that delivers unique design and all the best of KEF’s outstanding technology. To be honest, it’s almost like a ‘greatest hits’ album which also combines those ‘previously un-heard tracks’; it’s a reminder of KEF’s past which is presented in a modern and enthusiastic manner.

    KEF's superb LS50 Mini Monitor

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  6. B&W's P3 Headphones are Clear Winners!

    Bowers & Wilkins have conquered the Hi-Fi speaker market with their range of floor-standers, bookshelf and home cinema speakers. With many fans from both professional and consumer backgrounds, it is easy to see why they’re a firm favourite. Also, being the world’s largest speaker manufacturer, the manufacturer of choice at Abbey Road Studios and the manufacturer exclusively used by Jaguar cars could be something to do with their thriving success.

    B&W's P3 Headphones in Black and Silver Finishes

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  7. Loewe Connect ID now on demo

    We have recently taken delivery of the brand new Loewe Connect ID televisions which are now on display and demonstration in our Hereford showroom - we have the 32", 40" and 46" screens on display in various colour options. Prices start from £1395 for the 32" model.

    Loewe Connect ID TV Loewe Connect ID TV in gloss black/ orange
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