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Custom Installation Projects

  1. 2 Channel Hifi System Installation - Gloucester

    2 Channel Hifi System Installation - Gloucester


    This Hifi System, consisting of a Rega Planar 2 Turntable, Rotel CD11 Tribute CD Player, Rotel A11 Tribute Amplifier and DALI Oberon 1 Speakers was demonstrated to a customer in our Hereford showroom before being set up and installed in their home.


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  2. Custom Installation - Home Cinema System

    This installation was carried out in a beautiful, modern barn conversion with exposed oak beams, clean white walls and a polished concrete floor. The main requirement for this installation was not only for the system to sound fantastic but also for it to look at home in this stunning, minimalistic cinema room.

    The project started with a visit to the property, to meet the owner and discuss possible options to meet their requirements and budget. The decision was made to purchase a Projector, which would show an image on an adjacent white wall so that the room would still look pristine even when an image isn't being shown.

    The award-winning Epson EH-TW7400 4K Projector was chosen due to its beautiful, vivid 4K image, quiet operation and its useful electronic lens-shift function, allowing the screen to be made perfectly central in the room, while the Projector

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  3. Cyrus streaming addition plus new Hifi Racks furniture

    We recently had a customer come to see us about an existing Cyrus setup that they had been enjoying for a number of years. The existing Cyrus system featured two Cyrus X Power amplifiers in a Mono configuration fed from a Cyrus Pre X, preamplifier. Also present were a Cyrus CD player and Tuner, along with two PSX power supply upgrades.

    You can check out the current Cyrus Audio range here


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  4. The Beefy Boys - Meat Boutique Meets Music Chic

    The Beefy Boys are an award-winning burger team hailing right here from our hometown of Hereford. Starting out from a BBQ and a back garden, the boys have progressed their hobby from pop-up shops to championships and have recently acquired a new permanent premises to operate from. We had the pleasure of providing the sound system.




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  5. Home cinema with both projector and flat screen TV

    We have recently completed a high end home cinema room in Herefordshire which features a 55" flat screen TV for day to day viewing, and a projector with drop down screen for movies, sports and concert viewing.

    High definition 5.1 surround sound is provided by a Marantz SR6008 AV receiver and B&W M1 speakers with a REL 528 subwoofer.

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  6. ProJect Xtension 10 Turntable Install

    We were recently given the privilege to help a customer get his Xtension 10 started!

    ProJect Xtension 10 Evolution Tonearm, With Rondo Blue Cartridge

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  7. Totem Tribe V added to TV stereo system

    Totem Tribe V on-wall speakers in matte white finish Totem Tribe V on-wall speakers in matte white finish

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  8. Loewe 40 Individual installed in Hereford barn conversion

    Our customer upgraded his older Loewe Individual TV to the latest 3D version, with table top stand and stereospeaker as optional accessories in a strikingly modern yet stylish gloss white finish.

    Loewe Individual 40 with stereo speaker in gloss white Loewe Individual 40 with stereo speaker in gloss white

    The TV looks very much in keeping with the contemporary interior design, which was very pleasing.

    Certainly the crisper image quality and 3D viewing capability delighted the family, and they are now planning to add a Loewe 32 Connect ID to two of the larger bedrooms next month.

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  9. Marantz, Pioneer, KEF home cinema system upgrade in Lyde, Herefordshire

    Lyde home cinema upgrade Lyde home cinema upgrade

    Our customer who already had a 55" Samsung smart TV wanted to upgrade his basic Panasonic home cinema system to a more high perfomance blu-ray system with better quality sound.

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  10. Sonos Multi-room audio system in Aylestone Hill, Hereford

    Luxury 5 bedroom property in Aylestone Hill, Hereford

    A new. luxury residential development in Aylestone Hill requires an equally high performance audio system to keep it's owners entertained, and we were asked to install a 6 zone music system featuring streaming of internet radio, digital music files stored on the network and Napster/ Spotify featuring excellent sound quality, iPhone control via App all at an affordable price. Our solution centred around the ubiquitous Sonos audio system with quality B&W in-ceiling loudspeakers.

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