Monitor Audio Silver 7G - A breath of fresh air

Monitor Audio has just announced the new generation of their very successful Silver Series, we already loved the previous Gen 6 Silver series, with 2 speakers in this range, in particular, the Silver 50 Bookshelf Speaker and the Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker, I will get into detail why shortly.

With a new generation of speakers comes new technology and looks. On paper, these are shaping to be a real eye-opener with their new RST II tech and we're so very keen to get our hands on them and give a full, honest review of what we expected. As always, the Silver range comes with an array of different finishes, in this instance, we have Gloss Black, Black Oak, Ash, Walnut and Satin White, making them fit seamlessly into any sort of living environment. Here is a list and overview of all the products introduced into the Silver 7G Range.

Silver 50 - Bookshelf Speaker

The Monitor Audio Silver 50 - One of our personal favourite bookshelf speakers, the 6th Generation did such an amazing job at providing the listener with a very detailed experience, as before, the finishes that you could choose had the option to be fitted in any listening environment which to us, means a lot as we have a rather diverse customer audience. The G7 Silver 50's, already, with the new tweaks that have been implemented across the board for the Silver range is already shaping up to be a show stopper. 

The Silver 50's are just a perfect all-round speaker, they're small and compact but pack that punch you'd desire, a simple yet effective design making it look the part in all environments, these pair with any system that you may already have and if this is your first time, I have composed a list of packages which I personally think suit well with the Silver 50's - as always, we have these on display so do please get in touch if you did want to get yourself booked in. RRP - £575


Silver 100 - Bookshelf Speaker

Monitor Audio Silver 100's - if you're more into a larger cabinet speaker then this is your choice to go for, with the larger cabinet size comes a more dynamic sound stage and what a solid performer the 6G Silver 100 was. Again, like before and with all the Silver range, these speakers can blend seamlessly into any sort of listening environment with the new finishes available, I personally really enjoyed doing my demonstrations on this speaker, it really made a system transform if you're in the market for upgrading. The new technology added to the 7G Silver range is definitely going to be a substantial upgrade to the previous generation. RRP - £749


Silver 200 - Floorstanding Speaker 

The Monitor Audio Silver 200 - An absolutely fantastic floorstanding speaker, probably one of my most desired ones at this price point, this can easily perform to a very high standard with ease, possibly one of the most diverse speakers when it comes to any type of genre you may be listening to, one of the most difficult genres to replicate in my opinion has to be classical music, in the time the 6G Silver 200 was out, classical being one of the most listened to genres, this one stood out the most to our customers whose personal preference was classical. From a personal perspective, I like Electronic music and I am to this date still amazed by the Silver 200's. RRP - £1150


Silver 300 - Floorstanding Speaker

The Monitor Audio Silver 300's - a statement to be exact, a lot of the features taken from the Silver 200's and expanded to an even greater length. These have always been a personal favourite of ours too, it's a lot of speaker for the money, we have had a lot of listening experience with the Silver range and to see all these new changes be added onto their new range will set the bar even higher. These pair with any type of existing system rather easily too. RRP - £1450


Silver 500 - Floorstanding Speaker

Monitor Audio Silver 500's - the flagship of the range, nothing but pure enjoyment in our eyes, quite possibly one of the best sounding floorstanding speakers at this price point. They stand rather tall, so space is something you may want to take into consideration as they are rather large speakers. As before, we have had a lot of experience when it comes to listening to all of the Silver range and as always, they are more power-hungry so an amp with a bit of grunt would be ideal to get these speakers to their optimum but once you have that sweet spot, they really do come to life.  RRP - £1750


Silver C250 - Centre Speaker

Looking to enhance your home theatre experience? We'd strongly recommend looking into this centre speaker, we had a lot of demonstrations with the previous generation centre and boy it was a treat. With the new technology added into the new 7G range, it just tops off an already brilliant speaker. RRP - £599

Silver FX - Surround Sound Speakers


Monitor Audio has all your rear and side channel requirements covered with the Silver FX, a loudspeaker specially designed for 5.1 and 7.1 systems and featuring Monitor Audio’s advanced technology. This wall-mountable compact two-way design offers dual dispersion characteristics for the perfect surround sound set-up. The discreet profile and angled baffle design of Monitor Audio’s specially-developed Silver FX incorporates a single 6-inch C-CAM bass/mid driver featuring RST technology and C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter. RRP - £599

This blog post will be updated once we have gotten our hands on all of them and have given them a good listening to, please note we will have this available in-store and on demonstration in our shop if you would like to get yourself booked in, please call us on 01432 354921 or email us at